Week 32 – Bunch-O-Crunch

It’s still crunch time! Meeting deadlines is a necessity but it can be a bit daunting depending on the deliverables. Over the past weeks, I have been working on tightening up some of the controls and finishing up some animations. I still have some environment work to get done as well as fill in the conversations with all the Gerras. I should be hitting those conversations this week to have those done for a progress review next Monday. I’ve also put together a site with a variety of media for the game here:


There’s the trailer (which should probably be replaced at some point, a lot has changed), some still images, SketchFab models, and an Unity WebGL demo to view a visual representation of what the gallery space will look like when exhibited in April.

I have also been working on some 3D prints of items from the game. Currently, I have a print of Evermore which still needs sanding, painting and mounting.


I plan on having the Scroll of Bode also printed and hopefully Ezra. I would like to print Ezra in 2 pieces and then put a spherical LED ball inside of him but we’ll see on time. For the bases, I’ll probably get some wooden disks and paint them. I would really like to lathe some bases but I don’t know anything about lathing. I may be able to ask a friend to give me a crash course but again, it all comes down to what time I have left. These prints are supplemental to the game. Cool, but not a necessity.

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