Week 29 – Crunch Time

The past month has been pretty busy. A minor setback really through off my timeline. So I have been working on making the game play a bit more concise for an interesting experience while not letting feature creep slow me down. Although not much visually has changed in the past month, there has been a lot of additional functionality. The ray casting realignment gravity system is near perfect now with some odd quirks in the rare occasion BUT nothing game breaking. The boss fight is done minus a handful of sound effects. More sound has been added to the first level. The Gerras found tracker on the home screen is now working to keep track of how many you have found. I still need to decide what each one is going to say. I need to do some thinking about what I want them to impart to Evermore and how it relates to bettering his character; additionally how he would react to the wisdom. All the game animations are blocked in or done. I will be fleshing them out this week. The major parts are animated, the rest of the supporting animations will operate via script calls from the dialogue so that should be pretty simple. The ending is set up for Evermore to return home but the supporting material in between with the Gerras will help get us to that ending resolution. I added in a new game option in case a new user wishes to play through from scratch. There is no loading system though, just either start from where you left off or start fresh. At this point, it’s short enough of a game that it’s no big problem. In the future if it is expanded upon, I would like to have an additional loading menu for selecting different save files. A main focus right now is finishing the design of the exhibition space. This one man show will carry on!

On a side note, Ruina was submitted back in December to the Unity and GDC environment creation contest. Although Ruina was not selected as the winner, the panel was impressed with Ruina and was kind enough to provide 2 Expo Plus passes to GDC so I am proud of that recognition.

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