Week 24 – Let’s Fight!

Over the past week, I have continued with my plan to finish level 1 and then finish the last level/boss fight so that is done and whatever can be put in the middle will be with the time allotted. Getting into AI development is something new for me so I’m breaking it down in a very simple way. I’m not using way finding for Tiamat. It’s a series of random number generators which choose different events for Tiamat to follow.  The way that the battle works is there are 4 light alters around Tiamat that Evermore can cleanse. The alters are something I added last week to be able to trigger puzzles and environment traps. Since the Gerras are the keepers of light, there are these light orbs in the scene that have been doused with ink from Tiamat. Evermore can cleanse them with his scroll. So during the boss fight, Evermore must cleanse the 4 alters to weaken Tiamat to the point Evermore can actually damage Tiamat with the cleansing power of the scroll. Tiamat can douse the alters in more ink making Evermore have to cleanse them again. Tiamat can swipe at Evermore if he gets too close. He can also spit ink balls at Evermore from far away.

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