Week 23 – Populate and Frustrate

Over the past couple weeks, I have been hammering away at programming. There is so much to be done. All the interactions that need to take place to tell the story, the dialogue, elements within the world to give it life, sounds. . . The name of the game is “shift and refocus.” With the a solid deadline that needs to be hit, it’s all about rolling with the punches. I reorganized my schedule to complete the intro and first level, then to move on and complete the final boss fight and game wrap up. All the levels in between then can add additional background and puzzles per the time I have left. There is only so much time but for this deadline, the experience can be fun, short, and engaging with a good story. In the end, this project can always have more added to it. I have grown to really enjoy the bizarre world being created and would like to continue expanding on it. But as an art piece in itself, I need to ensure it conveys to the player the messages about Evermore and how he might relate to the player’s own vices. Much of that still needs added in via dialogue but we will get there.

Yesterday, I ended up with an effect that I am really happy with. I’m adding in these little orb light alters (as the Gerras are the keepers of light). Purifying the alters serves as an effect within the world for puzzles and allowing further passage.

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