Week 20 – Intro Level Demo

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working diligently on some larger functionality classes inside of Ruina. One of the biggest accomplishments and time sucks was the dialog system. I wanted to create a system that I could easily define the speaker, their icon by the dialog box, and their scripted lines. The dialog system is working and new lines can always be added to make the conversation longer. It can also be controlled during an animated cut-scene, enabling the animation to halt until the player is finished reading the new text and then when ready, continue with the animation. The only problem with the system as it sits is that there is no way to add in lines of script between already existing lines. I would need to delete everything after those lines and then fill everything back in. The system has that issue and it probably would have been better to create it with an XML script or something external, but I needed to keep moving forward.

The demo I have up and working was submitted to a contest being hosted by Unity and GDC so hopefully a little bit of recognition is found there.

On a separate note, I am considering removing the combat aspects to the game to keep things a bit more minimal. Maybe just use some monsters as traps rather than intelligent enemies. But we will see depending on how much time I have. I’m really trying to keep things reusable model and script wise. So far it’s working out pretty well but at times can feel a little messy.

The To-Do list seems lengthy but I will have to keep at it, shrinking it bit by bit.

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