Week 1 – Project Code Name: Rings

Hey! Here’s the announcement for our new project, code named Rings. It’s a bit more of an artistic game with some deeper thoughts as opposed to Grabity’s simple goofiness. Rings observes a mixture of psychological ideas along with faith traditions and ancient mythological inspirations. The player will follow the travels of a boy, Evermore, through the twisting world of Eve which has no up or down. Soon after finding himself in this bizarre land, Evermore encounters the winged terror of the land. In order for him to make it back home, he knows he will have to face the creature and unbeknownst to him, face himself.

Tiamat (working name) – Winged Terror of Eve


The once peaceful world of Eve was turned upside down and inside out by the appearance of this great bone dragon.

Scroll of Bode


Evermore is from a tribe where it is tradition for the tribe prophet to make a prophecy for any new born. The words are written and sealed in a scroll that is carried by the person it is made about. Impossible to explain, the scroll only opens at a time in the owner’s life when they are ready to hear the prophecy.

We’re so excited to share some of this new project and will have more updates to come as we hammer away at it!

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